Show Notes:

Guest Bio:
Dr. Eric Mason is the pastor at Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia, a church where men and women are welcome as they are, and don’t feel the pressure to code-switch. He’s the author of several books including: Woke Church: An Urgent Call For Christians In America To Confront Racism and Injustice.

“The Gospel makes whole people. It changes your soul, but it also changes how you view everything.”

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Verses Mentioned in Show:  

  • Jeremiah 1:3-10
  • Matthew 3:2
  • Isaiah 61:1-2
  • Titus 2:11-13
  • 1 Corinthians 9
  • Jeremiah 29:3-9
  • Ephesians 5:14-16

Notes and Quotes: 

  • “That’s why I love cities and want to see redemption in cities, because I saw a city at its worst. I want to see Christ Kingdom come and see His city at its best.”
  • “There is a stereotypical black culture, but there’s a majority culture, which is white culture. Hispanics, other people, have to code switch. In other words, with our people, there’s a certain cultural comfortability… Then we’re around majority culture, there is a disposition that we have to have and we have to turn off some of our personal cultural cues and our culture, in order to be assimilated and engage it.”
  • “Being a Christian on a black college campus in the early 90s was like the worst thing you could be, because everybody was conscious. That type of environment, to be Christian, was to be anti-black back then.”
  • “Ubutu is the concept, I see you, or it’s a community connection concept. It’s not my identity is in you, but when I see you I see myself. That is still innately culturally passed down to African-Americans, where everywhere we go, we think we represent all of us, whether we know it or not. It’s just in us, “You all making us look crazy.” You never hear white people say, “You all making white people look crazy.” 
  • “The Gospel makes whole people. It changes your soul, but it also changes how you view everything.”
  • “Epiphany means to show forth. It means to reveal that which is unrevealed.”
  • “We shouldn’t make nonbelievers code switch. The missionary code switches, not the person being reached.”
  • “Western Christians…[are] basically resistant, not to justice, but to anything having to do with racial injustice.”
  • “In a community like this, where they’ll remove 400 million dollars for education and then add 800 million for building prisons. The only schools they close are the ones in African-American and black and brown neighborhoods.”
  • “So when we talk about the idea of wokeness, we believe it has different levels of wokeness. You have spiritual wokeness, you have personal, you have relational. And you also have political wokeness.”
  • God created politics. The way in which men are governed and relate to each other, that’s politics…But biblically, politics was always an idea to create ways for man to culturally live together in a way that has order. That’s politics.”
  • “There are unbelievers that because of the ‘imago dei’ they understand a basic understanding of justice. Because the image of God is still in them, but it’s defaced, but not erased. So they show signs, but they don’t give it back to the one who created them in the image of God.”
  • “To survive in this world, you need Christ Consciousness. When I say Christ Consciousness…being awakened through the Gospel that salvation only comes by grace through faith and through Christ alone.” 
  • “Constantinian Christianity created a Christian culture that wasn’t a biblical Christian culture, that still impacts us today because it’s been a marriage between unbiblical politics and Christianity, as being one and the same.”