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Episode 10 – Fighting Battles Together

We were not created to fight life’s battles on our own. We were created for community, and humans are at their best when men and women pursue God’s mission together. On this episode of Where Ya From?, Carolyn Custis James shares her personal experience with gender inequality and learning about injustices toward women around the world. These experiences led her to not only become an advocate for women, but to develop a robust explanation of why men and women need each other to both survive and thrive the ups and downs of life.

Episode 9 – The Bible and Social Justice

If you and I were to read through the Bible, would we find a God who is only concerned about saving souls? Or would we discover a God who’s concerned about both the spiritual and physical wellbeing of humanity? What does the Bible say about being socially active and pursuing justice? Today, Dr. Esau McCaulley shares his origin story with Rasool, and they end up in a discussion about the creation of the term “social gospel” and how that term affects how we read the Bible today.

Episode 8 – Mental Health, Black Dignity, and The Importance of Humor

The brain is an important part of the body. So why is there often a stigma related to pursuing brain health? And why do people often avoid getting the help they need? And what if there are things in all of our lives that are harming our mental health? Today, Rasool asks Dr. Christina Edmondson Where Ya From and ends up in a practical conversation about mental health, black dignity, and the vital role of humor in healing from trauma.