“Not only does our hometown shape us, but our culture and family heritage also adds values and character to our lives.”


At a very basic level, the cultures of place shape our understanding of how to be (a sense of “self”), how to be well (our “well-being”), and how we worship (our spirituality). But it’s more than simple geography. Two people can grow up in the same city, but come from different blocks, different racial backgrounds and other influences and have a completely different experience, and become completely different people.

“Where Ya From?” is the ultimate conversation-starter. Host, Rasool Berry, asks this to people that he admires or have grown to be influential in life and society. The podcast gets into the weeds, starting with geography and building out into the life experiences to better understand the guest’s identity, well-being and spirituality.

Rasool Berry Host of Where Ya From? Podcast


Rasool Berry

Rasool Berry serves as teaching pastor at The Bridge Church in Brooklyn, New York. He graduated from Ivy League school the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Africana Studies and Sociology. He is currently seeking his master’s at Reformed Theological Seminary.

Giving his life to Christ in college, Rasool is passionate about impacting young adults through translating spiritual truths from Scripture into the language and ethos of our time. The average age of The Bridge’s congregation is 26, and Rasool serves as a team member with Embark, a non-profit focused on millennials. In addition, for 15 years he has been on staff with the world-wide campus ministry Cru.

His name meaning “messenger” in Arabic, Rasool’s mom sensed a divine plan for him and refused to terminate her pregnancy when encouraged by her doctor due to escalating health issues. He was born in Philadelphia and his parents were members of the Nation of Islam.

When Rasool was two years old his parents separated when his father became involved with drugs, which tragically lead to his murder in broad daylight in 1984. The murderer was found a year later after taking another life.

Rasool and his older brother went to a private Catholic school due to the community’s failing public schools. The boys were later enrolled into a free boarding school in North Philadelphia.

Rasool came to faith while attending the University of Pennsylvania after putting God on a “30-day Hulu trial”, where he met his future wife, both actively involved in the school’s music programming.

Rasool is passionate about sports, music, cooking and eating, and inspiring people to live in light of eternity. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife Tamica and their Daughter Ire’Ana.

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