March 29, 2022

Episode 20 – “Colorism, Microaggressions, and White Supremacy” with Ekemini Uwan

Our identities are often influenced by our surroundings—the good, the bad, and the ugly. Join us as we discuss with Ekemini Uwan how to help people navigate the waters of colorism, microaggression, white supremacy, and other ideologies that have come to influence our views of our faith, our society, and our worth.
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Show Notes


Guest Bio:

Ekemini Uwan is a public theologian and writer who has dedicated her life to combating racism and bringing awareness to the issues of colorism, microaggressions, and white supremacy. She is a host of Truth’s Table, a popular podcast for black women, and holds a Master of Divinity degree from Westminster Theological Seminary.


Summary of EPISODE:

Everyone struggles with issues of identity. Maybe it’s the way we look or the amount of success we have achieved, but either way, the question “Who am I?” is fundamental. That’s why when we allow others or our culture to answer that question for us, it can lead to devastating consequences. In this episode of VOICES’ Where Ya From? podcast, Rasool speaks with theologian Ekemini Uwan and discovers how the ideology of white supremacy impacted not only the way she viewed herself but her relationship with Christ.


Notes and Quotes:

  • “I was able to endure because I knew the Lord. I knew He called me here.”
  • “[Microaggressions] are little racial digs (i.e., ‘You’re pretty for a dark girl’) and you leave that person’s presence with internal bleeding.”
  • “So I was praying, praying, asking the Lord, ‘What’s going on? What is the deal?’ And I just sensed that the Lord was saying, ‘Ministry.’”
  • “Colorism is where people with lighter skin are given preferential treatment over those with darker skin.”
  • “We don’t ever have a space, particularly as black women, that’s just for us.”


Links Mentioned In Show:


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