April 5, 2022

Episode 21 – “Community Builds Up” with Lecrae

When it comes to success, it’s satisfying to feel pride in all you’ve accomplished, but it’s equally important to recognize those who paved the way alongside you. In this episode of VOICES’ Where Ya From? podcast, multi-talented artist Lecrae sits down with Rasool Berry to discuss the substantial impact his community has had on his music career, his social activism, and his relationship with God.
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Show Notes


Guest Bio:

Lecrae Devaughn Moore—more commonly known as Lecrae—is an American Christian rapper, singer, songwriter, film and record producer, record executive, and actor. He has authored two books and been nominated for many awards, including seven Grammys. Lecrae partners with many nonprofits to care for his community. He is passionate about sharing his story of restoration to inspire others. He is a devoted Christian, husband, and father.


Summary of EPISODE:

When we accomplish big things we often look back and realize we didn’t do it on our own. Whether it’s family members encouraging us or a whole community cheering us on, a few faces usually come to mind when we think about the path we take to reach success. On this episode of the VOICES’ Where Ya From? podcast, Grammy award–winning artist Lecrae joins host Rasool Berry once again. This time, Lecrae shares about specific people and his community that supported him throughout his life and career.


Notes and Quotes:

  • “The kingdom is really what we should be after, it’s kingdom over empire. Empire will crush you in order to win. Kingdom says, ‘How do we all thrive and paint a picture of thy kingdom come, thy will be done?’”
  • “We wanted to give clarity that being unashamed of the gospel was not a self-righteous arrogant motto, it was more about being unashamed to be identified with a Savior who is gracious, loving, kind, gentle, understanding, empathetic.”
  • “How do I celebrate this person for what they have instead of coveting the things that they have? How can I create opportunity and space? It’s just a sense of working together for something bigger and more eternal for a promised land that’s to come.”


Links Mentioned In Show:


Verses Mentioned in Show:

  • Romans 1:16
  • Ecclesiastes 4:12

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