October 11, 2022

Episode 34 – “Discovering Your Identity” with Jamie Winship

“Keep your mouth shut for one year” was the best advice he got as a new police officer. In this episode of VOICES’ Where Ya From? podcast, reconciliation expert Jamie Winship describes how he learned to listen to God and to people around him in order to bring peaceful solutions to some of the world’s highest conflict areas.
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Show Notes


Guest Bio:

Jamie Winship has decades of experience bringing peaceful solutions to some of the world’s highest conflict areas.

After a distinguished career in law enforcement in the metro Washington, DC area, Jamie earned an MA in English and developed a unique process called the Identity Method. This process of identity transformation is the key to resolving inner conflict and acquiring new levels of learning and creativity in any field. His unconventional efforts to bring about societal and racial reconciliation led him to Indonesia, Jordan, Iraq, Palestine, Israel and back to the US. 

Jamie has worked with leaders in professional sports, business, education, law enforcement, government, non-profit, and other sectors. He is the author of Living Fearless: Exchanging the Lies of the World for the Liberating Truth of God

Jamie and his wife, Donna, are co-founders of Identity Exchange and its corporate arm, Identity Method, providing training and consulting in the transformative power of living fearlessly in your true identity.


Summary of EPISODE:

On Jamie Winship’s first day as a police officer in Washington, DC, his mentor told him, “Keep your mouth shut for one year,” and to listen closely. He applied this important lesson to his professional and spiritual life and found listening and abiding was the way to hear God’s voice and bring peace to the conflicted spaces he was working in. His methods were successful, and he was asked to do his reconciliation work across the globe to the world’s highest conflict areas.


    Notes and Quotes:

    • “Abide is just a decision to stand next to and listen. Abiding just means the commitment to stay with. And, in the staying with, is where you learn everything.”
    • “I started asking God, “Can you show me another way to think about policing that I don’t know?” I kept watching Jesus, reading through the gospels in Acts, and Jesus didn’t come to tell people what to do. He came to teach people how to know what to do.” 
    • “Do you know why God tells us to love our enemy? Because they’re not really your enemy, that’s why. You only have one enemy and that’s Satan . . . .”


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        Verses Mentioned in Show:

        • John 10
        • John 3:16–17
        • Philippians 2
        • Book of Ephesians
        • John 6:68–69
        • John 15:4
        • Book of Acts
        • 1 Corinthians 7:17
        • Psalm 22
        • Isaiah 53
        • Mark 8
        • Matt 23:15
        • Mark 4
        • 1 Corinthians 12:12–30
        • Acts 17

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