September 19, 2023

Episode 52 – “Between Two Worlds” with Vivian Mabuni

What, or rather who, defines your identity? Chinese-American Vivian Mabuni understands what it’s like to always feel on the outside. While painful to deal with, God used Viv’s reality of being different from most people around her to shape her heart for ministry to share God’s precious truth with college students and become a powerful voice for the Asian American and Pacific Islander community.
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Show Notes


Guest Bio:

Vivian Mabuni is a national speaker, author, Bible teacher, and podcast host. With over 30 years on staff with Cru, Viv loves teaching about the Bible and its practical application to ministry and life. Author of “Open Hands, Willing Heart”, she also serves on the Board of Trustees for Denver Seminary and is the founder & host of “Someday Is Here”, a podcast for AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islanders) leaders. 

Viv loves drinking coffee with her husband of 31 years, Darrin. They serve together as speakers for FamilyLife’s “Weekend To Remember” marriage conferences. They are proud parents to three young adult kids. And recently welcomed a daughter-in-law to the family!


Summary of EPISODE:

Vivian Mabuni knows what it’s like to be living in two different worlds. Growing up in a predominantly white community as a Chinese-American, a lot of her early life was lived with the purpose of trying to conform as much as possible, but knowing it would never be enough. Yet when she finally found the missing piece in Christ, everything changed. God used Viv’s story to shape her heart to share His precious truth with college students and prepare her voice to be a light for the Asian American and Pacific Islander community.


    Notes and Quotes:

    • I remember getting into the car after one of the [play] rehearsals and my dad just saying, “It’s just too bad you’ll never play Juliet because you’re Chinese.” That just underscored for me, growing up in Boulder, that there were things that were going to not be possible for me because of how I looked. 
    • These little prayers were lifted up to the Lord in Hong Kong of all places. Wouldn’t you know… God came through in Hong Kong.
    • I dream in English, my values have been shaped by growing up in the United States. My identity is still not true of this country of origin, even though Hong Kong wasn’t my country of origin, but being with other Chinese people did not make me feel like I fit in either. There’s that tension again of like, “Well, where do I fit in?” When I read material about third culture kids, that resonates as an Asian-American. That resonates, like…I don’t feel like I fit in neither here nor there.
    • What I picture the body of Christ in a healthy way is that we are all linking arms facing out. So we have each other’s backs, but we’re not so bent out of shape about the music. Yes, music is important, and I don’t want to downplay that, but there was something bigger going on, that we would make a little bit of a difference in our university but have our whole vision shifted to live for more than just our own happiness.


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      Verses Mentioned in Show:

      • Deuteronomy 31

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