February 13, 2024

Episode 61 – “Facing Trials and Finding My Voice” with Chriscynethia Floyd

Even though we know God always has a plan for us, it’s not always the easiest thing to trust. Hear Chriscynethia Floyd’s story of trusting the different journeys, triumphs, and trials God led her through.
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Show Notes


Guest Bio:

Chriscynethia Floyd is Vice President of Publishing at Our Daily Bread Publishing. Her more than twenty-year career spans both secular and Christian publishing, where she’s served as a vice president in sales, marketing, and editorial for organizations such as Simon and Schuster Publishing, HarperCollins Christian Publishers, and David C. Cook.  

She leads and collaborates with a tremendously talented group of editors and publishing professionals. Together they work to fulfill the mission of Our Daily Bread Ministries: to make the Bible’s life-changing wisdom understandable and accessible to all.  

Chriscynethia is a classically trained singer and has traveled the world where she performed for such dignitaries as Desmond Tutu and President George Bush. When not with her ODBP team, Chriscynethia loves attending arts performances, being outdoors, watching sports, and hanging out with her English Springer Spaniel, Thelonious (Theo) Monk.


Summary of EPISODE:

Like many of us, Chriscynethia Floyd questioned what made her special. And even though we know God always has a plan for us, it’s not always the easiest thing to trust. Join us as we hear Chriscynethia’s story of trusting the different journeys God led her through and explore how He remains with us in both the highest and lowest moments of life.


    Notes and Quotes:

    • “[God is] going to find us. It’s always light. You know, whether we go high or whether we go low, God is there. And God knows us.”
    • “No matter the situation that someone might find themselves in—good, bad, or whatever, indifferent— it’s important to understand that God is faithful through all of that.”
    • “If [God]  was going to take him away, I just couldn’t, you know, I couldn’t comprehend that. And I think the lesson from all of that was that for a girl who felt alone in her childhood, He wanted me to know that I could be loved.”
    • “So when I think about Psalm 139, I think about folks understanding that God is always with them, and that God is always present, that God is always knowing, and that to me is a running theme through the Bible, that God is.”


    Links Mentioned In Show:


    Verses Mentioned In Show:

    • Psalm 139

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