March 5, 2024

Episode 64 – “Martial Arts, Faith, and the Black Church” with James White

How can we become whole people in a broken world? Join us as we hear Pastor James White share his experiences and vision for changing the systems so all people can thrive.
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Show Notes


Guest Bio:

James White has served as the Senior Pastor of Christ Our King Community Church since its inception. He is a gifted expository Bible teacher, speaker, historian, thought leader, writer, and culture creator. He is originally from Barco, North Carolina, and is a graduate of East Carolina University. After graduation, he joined the full-time staff of Cru, formally known as Campus Crusade for Christ. 

Through his work, life, and leadership, God has truly cultivated his calling as a grace-filled leader. As a marketplace leader, he serves as the Executive Vice President of the Center for Social Impact for the YMCA of the North in Minneapolis. In addition, he is also a Senior Fellow for The Sagamore Institute. He is a sought-after consultant, speaker, and facilitator for several organizations and companies on issues concerning cultural transformation through diversity, equity, and inclusion. James is also a contributor to The Whole Man Project, a book and video series provided by VOICES from Our Daily Bread Ministries. You can learn more about The Whole Man Project—and preorder the book—here!

James’ life continues to be shaped and graced through his 36 years of covenant partnership with his wife, Cynthia, and his three adult children.


Summary of EPISODE:

Sometimes creating change means first seeing the other side of the issue. Pastor James White sits down to share his experiences of crossing the dividing lines and challenging the framework of the world he found himself in. Join us as we see James’ passion for authentically teaching Scripture and leading others to see how understanding race, culture, and diversity can help us to create systems where everyone can thrive.


    Notes and Quotes:

    • “[The realities of my racial identity and faith] were always intertwined because the Bible in many ways is a tool that provides freedom and hope.”
    • “God often does things with unnamed, unknown people, but then He creates something. He does something . . . and the only way you could explain it is God.”
    • “A lot of my Bible teaching came out of not wanting to distort what God is really saying and really honoring both. . .  liberation, but the expectation that the gospel and Scripture really have.”
    • “Change happens when we create systems so that all can thrive.”


    Links Mentioned In Show:


        Verses Mentioned In Show:

        • Matthew 5:38-39
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