March 26, 2024

Episode 67 – “Finding Strength in Community” with Moriah Smallbone

We are told that pain and stress are things that must be endured. But what if the pain is because we’re in the wrong time and place with the wrong people? Hear Moriah Smallbone’s journey of inviting the Holy Spirit to help lead her to the places, people, and decisions where God’s love and grace are on full display.
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Show Notes


Guest Bio:

MŌRIAH is a Mexican-American recording artist, actress, and producer from Los Angeles, California. After signing with SONY/Provident in Nashville, Tennessee, her sophomore album BRAVE hit number 9 on Billboard’s CCM Charts and included a collaboration with GRAMMY award-winning rapper Andy Mineo. Her film credits include the starring role in Because of Gracia (2017) and legendary singer Loyce Whiteman in the upcoming Ronald Reagan biopic alongside Dennis Quaid (2024). She plays the role of Bathsheba in the television series The Chosen (2023). Earlier this year, MŌRIAH wrapped filming Journey to Bethlehem, a cinematic musical starring Antonio Banderas released through Sony Affirm this past November.


As a music and film producer, MŌRIAH co-hosted K-LOVE/AccessMore’s most successful podcast called BECOMING:us alongside her GRAMMY AWARD-winning husband Joel Smallbone. She co-produced the film Unsung Hero which is set to release in Spring 2024. She has fully self-produced and written her latest EP Curtain Call as well as all accompanying live performance videos. MŌRIAH is currently writing songs for a country album in her home in Nashville, TN with GRAMMY AWARD-winning producer Paul Mabury.


Summary of EPISODE:

We all dream of a life filled with success and glory. But just like Moriah Smallbone knows, real life in the spotlight isn’t always glamorous behind the scenes. Being on her own at 17 and traveling from place to place eventually took its toll. And in the middle of her pain and stress, Moriah realized she had to make a change. Those moments helped shape the bravery that has since led Moriah to chart her own course—one that is constantly inviting the Holy Spirit to help discern when love and grace are required—or what needs to change.


    Notes and Quotes:

    • “I think we’re such a purpose-obsessed culture, right? Like, we want to find our purpose, but sometimes I wonder if it’s way more simple than that. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just like, how can you help the world around you? How can you help the people around you?” 
    • “I think there’s a difference between suffering and misery. And we can’t avoid suffering. Life is going to be hard. Things are going to be disappointing. We are going to be mistreated. But how we choose to respond to suffering can grow our character.”
    • “In my experience, I’ve been most miserable when I have forced myself to stay in a situation where I did not need to be”. 
    • “If I’m living in love, if I’m in that place where all that I’m doing is coming from a place of love, then, is there the grace to keep going in this relationship, in this project, in this work, in this path? Or is it time to cut the cord?”


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